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Evangelische Genade Gemeente

...a church fellowship

with an atmosphere of love and grace,

and a meaningful mesage from the Word of God



Many people from different backgrounds and nationalities have found a church home at Grace Christian Fellowship (Evangelische Genade Gemeente), formerly called Good News Christian Fellowship. From 1974 we have served the English and Dutch speaking community in a large part of central Holland.

We are a bilingual (English-Dutch) international and family oriented church fellowship; and bring you the gospel of Jesus Christ with a "love and grace of God" emphasis and a practical application to our daily lives.

God has a deep love for us and wants to bring joy and purpose to our lives. Through the Word of God (the Bible), God's love, fellowship and prayer with other believers this is possible.

So come share with us in fun, food, fellowship, and the abundance of new life Christ has given us through His Holy Spirit. You'll find a deeper and freer walk with God and learn to share your faith more effectively with others.


Come visit us soon and experience this new life with us.

Our door is open to you.